“我不想过多谈论它只是说帕特在为这一天准备“,”埃利斯说。 “He put a plan in place. It was his plan. As a trustee, it’s my obligation and our obligation with my other two fellow trustees to carry out the plan.

“我这是他派我和我谈过,问我能承担的角色就是所谓的控股股东delegee。 Not just CEO and president but to be here to represent him until a child is ready to take over. That’s what the plan is and I’m going to follow through on that and honor him.

“我知道有一些东西在那里,可能会涉及到球迷。 Everybody here knows what Pat wants and what he’s all about. Outside of winning games, which is very hard to do in this league, everything else is in my opinion easily achievable. And we’re going to continue to do that and do great things in the community and obviously try to get better on the field and I’m optimistic about what John has done in the offseason.’’


有家庭成员在将采取谁控制之间的一些纠纷。 Beth Bowlen Wallace, an older daughter from his first marriage, said last year she’s ready to take over. The trustees responded with a statement that she was “not capable or qualified at this time.”

偏好似乎是29岁的布列塔尼鲍伦,他的第二任妻子安娜贝尔一个女儿。 She’s返回到工作团队在联赛办公室以往的经验之后。



“不,””埃尔维说。 “No. 1, I don’t have the money. I wish I did. I wish that wasn’t an issue. . . . “It’s a different galaxy.

“我很高兴我在哪里。 I’m proud to work for the organization and the opportunity they provide and so we’ll continue to work our tail off. Look forward to this season. The ownership will play itself out. That’s obviously been talked about for a long, long time and there’s a transition plan that Pat together and I’m sure Joe will execute it the way Pat wanted it.’’


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